Establishment of limited liability company (LLC) in Slovenia

Establishment of limited liability company in Slovenia (družba z omejeno odgovornostjo or d.o.o.) is quite simple and quick procedure. If it is established by foreign natural person or foreign legal entity or if is managed by foreign manager, ALL founders and managers MUST obtain Slovene tax number. The tax number will be used only for identification purpose (the founders and managers will be taxed only if they gain taxable income in Slovenia).

Below you can find basic procedure of establishment. If you need any details or legal help with establishment, you can contact our lawyers.


LLC may be established by one or more (max 50) natural or legal persons. The subscribed capital must amount to at least 7.500 euros and each subscribed contribution must amount to at least 50 euros. A subscribed contribution must be provided in cash or in the form of a non-cash contribution or non-cash acquisition.

LLC must have at least 1 manager who may be Slovene or foreign natural person.

The company is formed by contract of members, which can be concluded in the form of a notary record or a special form, on paper or in electronic version.

The easiest and cheapest way to establish and register the company is through the “VEM Point” (VEM Point = everything at one place).


  1. obtaining the Tax numbers for foreign founders and managers
  2. At VEM point they draw up all necessary documents
  3. Founders and managers sign all documents  (Contract of members, Resolution of manager nomination, Statement of impunity)
  4. nominated manager opens transitional bank account
  5. founders pay subscribed contributions
  6. After the capital is paid, Bank issue Confirmation about payment
  7. when VEM point receive Bank Confirmation, it files application at Trade register and in 2-4 days LLC is established.

Time Schedule:

After the Tax numbers are obtained, the LLC can be established in 3-5 days, however it takes few weeks to collect and translate all neceseary documents and to obtain the Tax numbers.

After establishment:

After establishment manager must open regular Bank account and file the report of anticipated profit with the Tax authorities.

If the manager is foreigner (non EU resident), he/she must obtain the working permit and residential permit. In general there should not be any problem to get it, however it is quite a lot of paper work.

There are also few administrative requirements for going on concerns, therefore it is wise to get secretarial services in Slovenia.

If you need help with establishment or secretarial services, you can contact our internationally experienced lawyers.