Work permit for foreign representatives

Work or employment for foreigners in Slovenia is only possible if the foreigner is in possession of a work permit. A foreigner who establishes or co-establishes limited liability company (d.o.o), which he/she wishes to manage as a company representative (director,procurator, etc.), must acquire a work permit for foreigner representatives.

A work permit for a foreigner representative may be issued for a period of up to two years and may be reissued if the company can prove that it has performed its business during the time of the validity of the previous work permit and if the foreigner, as a natural person, did not have a penalty imposed on himduring that time for committing an offence in accordance with the Employment and Work of Foreigners Act.

A work permit for a foreigner representative only allows the holder of such a permit to manage the company but not to perform any other activities for which the company holds a valid registration.

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